Humane Euthanasia

Making the Right Decision

Thinking about “euthanasia” is not an easy decision for any pet owner and sometimes is very painful to think that your pet is getting to that point.

We have been in the same situation trying to decide “what is the right decision”.

We want to try to make this procedure peaceful and smooth for you and your beloved pet.

Once we arrive at your home, there are some steps we go through:

  • We discuss the procedure and get your pet comfortable in a nice, cozy area. A heavy sedative is administered to your pet so that he/she can be as comfortable and as relaxed as possible.
  • After your pet is completely sedated, we administer a pentobarbital solution which takes effect within seconds. Once this final injection has been given, we verify and ensure that the heart has stopped.

There are some options to choose from about your pet’s body:

  • You can keep your pet and arrange burial and disposal.
  • We can take your pet with me. We use a private crematory service that will pick up the body and cremate as a group.
  • If you want his/her ashes back, we will take your pet for cremation to return ashes back in a beautiful cedar box and a ceramic paw print (see below images) of your beloved pet. You will be able to pick up the ashes at our facility in Rancho Cucamonga within 7-14 days or you can choose to pick up at the private crematory facility directly.
  • Burial with a coffin, as well as different type and designs of urns, are also provided.


**With cremation services you will receive your pet’s ashes in this beautiful cedar box with the name engraved on top. A ceramic paw print is also included**