You can get medication refills using the following ways





Our staff will make sure your meds are refilled and will contact you to set up a pickup time.

Please be aware that if you request a refill or approval after hours, we will address it during our next business hours.


Online Pharmacy

You can get your medication refills at our online pharmacy by clicking on our link below. If you are using our service, we can approve your medications directly using a personalized app that communicates us directly with the pharmacy for prompt approval.

To order online please click on the below link


Other Pharmacies

If you are using other pharmacies you will need to pick up a written prescription at our facility to be mailed to them or have your pharmacy fax one for approval. We will NO LONGER call the pharmacy back for refills. FAX or WRITTEN ONLY. This will ensure we have proper documentation of records.

Fax (909)481-0084